Hello guys,, I’m a complete newbie in this world. We have been on atv’s for a while and during a trip to the black hills,, the wife’s king quad went down so we decided to rent a sxs. MOST EXPENSIVE decision ever!!! Lol. So I’ve sold two atv’s sofar and have decided to get 2 800s models. My son is 14 and me n the wife. I would never let my sons friends come because all of his quads were clutches and didn’t want his friends to tear up our stuff. We had 9 atv’s. Freakin crazy I know. Lol. I’m keeping a 300 King quad, 660 raptor, and a 350 raptor (I have a 36′ enclosed gooseneck to keep the toys in). I am buying a 2009 800s tomorrow for my son. It has a bunch of stuff done,, radio, light bars, a arm guards, winch, aftermarket bumpers, doors, 2″ lift. It’s not totally for him,, but he can bring a friend now when we ride. I’m getting a 2013 800s with all the same stuff as the 09 except the a arm skids for me n the wife. Making the rzr jump!!! It’s only $$$$$ right??? Lol.

Couple questions,,

I did a search and it looks like the belts n axles are the same on 09 and 13,, is that true?

Are the wheels the same bolt pattern?

If I want the option to go 50″ (not permanently, just for certain trails and rides) I’m guessing I will need a arms, axles, and shocks????? Is this a pain to do? I own a diesel shop and kinda know what end of the wrench to use. But these parts are kinda small huh? Lol

Was 13 the year of the fan breaker relocate??

Any advice or things to look at specifically on the 09 n 13 years before I buy?

I’ve done research every night until I fall asleep and drop my phone but since I’m buying in this group,, I decided I ought to register.

Im very excited about the purchase,, and also about this forum. The last time I joined a forum was in 08,, it was a ford truck forum (that’s what’s up with the username,, it’s the same).

I hope to learn a bunch from you guys and hopefully meet up on some of those rides I’ve read about on here.

1st post ever. Freakin newbie!!! Lol

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