Did a compression test on my 2010 800 dry and wet two nights ago and was 120 dry and 190 wet in both cylinders. Got my pistons out tonight and it is worse than I hoped. I have multiple chips out of both pistons. The machine started and ran good except for loss of top end which prompted the compression test. My question is, what else likely got damaged when this happened? Is my bottom end ok? I assume I will need pistons, rings and new head. Is there any worry about valves, valve seats etc? I have rebuilt tons of two strokes. This is my first attempt at a 4 stroke and I have never seen pistons this bad. Also, these are CP pistons so they are obviously not stock. When I bought the machine last summer I was told it could run on pump gas but to use 92 octane. I found out sometime after it had a Holz stage 3 kit and 14:1 pistons put in it at one time. Is it possible I did this damage by not running 110 octane in it if it still had the stage 3 kit? I cannot tell if the head is a stage 3 kit or not. I took a few pics of the head, can anyone tell if that is a stock head or not? Thanks in advance for any help.

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