At first glance, this 2012 800 jumps away on acceleration. Closer examination shows nothing wrong with throttle cable or related items. Engine revs up smoothly in neutral with slow pressure on accelerator. Doesn’t stick on release.

In gear, the engine can be heard to be increasing in speed for the first few hundred or so RPM above idle, then the vehicle suddenly jumps forward. Makes for a very dodgey time trying to get this up ramps onto a trailer cross-ways. On the ground, the vehicle is fine once the system engages.

The owner reports the vehicle has always been like this (bought used 6-8 months ago, approx 1500 km.) He thought it was sticky throttle cable. I don’t think so.

Since this was first noticed by the group, we’ve driven 1000 km across Newfoundland on the old rail-bed in 12 days. The problem still evident, but no worse. (800 was actually pulling a small ATV trailer for about half the trip.)

I suspect a clutch issue. I’m a capable mechanic with zero experience on these machines. Any thoughts?

Thanks a lot!

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