My 2008 has a sqweeling noise that has progressively gotten worse over time. At first I thought it might be the pinion nut issue but Stewart and Les helped me determine my machine was not affected. Stewart and Les we’re very helpful to me so I want give them a big thank you !

At this point I am thinking the noise is in the clutches or transmission. I have cleaned and inspected the clutches and nothing looks bad, except the primary sheeves do have some grooves in them.

To eliminate the clutch’s as the issue I want test with someone else’s clutches before buying new ones so I have a few questions.

1. Nobody I ride with has a RZR 800 I can swap the clutches with. One person I ride with has a RZR 570, could I use these clutches to test with ? Even if they are not set up correctly for my machine could I use them at low speed to eliminate the clutch’s as the issue ?

2. I have a lot of snowmobile friends, is there a Polaris snowmobile that uses the same clutches ?

3. A new Polaris primary is about 300 bucks but eBay has no name aftermarket ones for half the price. Anyone ever use one ?

4. I live in SE Michigan and have a cabin in northern MI. Anyone have some clutches I could try ?

Thanks !

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