Hello all! My 2008 RZR 800 with 6500 miles on it sputters when I mash the throttle. It goes 20mph just fine but when I get up to half throttle and beyond it kinda feels like its sputtering. And it will occasionally backfire when decelerating after its been running for 30 min or more.
So I fixed some manifold leaks and I haven’t had it backfire since but I still have the sputtering on the top end.
So rather than diagnosing the issue by checking voltages, cleaning sensors, and taking fuel pressure reading I decided to take the fuel pump assembly out with intention of changing the pump.
Once I got the assembly out I realize there is a fine particle fuel filter between the pump and pressure regulator. I read that some guys just drill holes in the non-serviceable/replaceable fines filter and put one outside the tank…which kinda makes sense.
Question 1 is: would putting the fines filter after the regulator cause the regulator to get jammed up with the fine particles?

Question B is: I bought a new pump and regulator from Autozone along with a fines filter for outside the tank. What would you do next?

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