Okay, I’ve had my 800 for a few months and I have been getting the maintenance issues out of the way, pinion nut, wheel hubs etc. I’m going to put on a new belt, and belt cover(mine was cracked and glued) as well as a new seal.
But while I have it apart I want to do something different with the way the accessories are wired. Look at the pictures, and try not to laugh too hard. Yes it looks like a squirrel nest. As you can see the last guy added a couple of relays, and they look like ones that can handle more than one accessory. Here are the accessories I have:
Winch – from what I can tell it’s on its own relay that was provided with the Winch
LED light bar
small LED lights on the top
Small LED back up light
HID headlights
Horn, but I’m removing that or already did and need to pull the wires.
MP3 stereo, but it’s not hooked up.
As you can see the last guy hooked up all the accessories to the 2nd battery, and it looks like he put the ground through the relay(s). Nothing works without the key on.
My thinking is to disconnect everything, figure out what wire goes to what. Then put in a fuse block under the dash. I’ll probably put a Blue Sea Fuse block in as it’s designed for Marine applications and should be resistant to water.
Any useful input from folks who know a lot about wiring?



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