Howdy rzr folks! I just got a beautiful 2012 rzr 800 50″ with 600 miles and 57 hours. I test drove it and everything worked great. Bought it, brought it home, and parked it in the garage.
The next day, i finally got home from work and jumped right in. I drove around my land for about 15 minutes, WOOOHOOO this baby Rips! And sooo smooth, its like I’m driving on a cloud!But, when i tried to shift into high it shows a line on the instrument cluster and drives like its still in low.
Hmmmm, uh-oh….
I disconnect the shift cable from the transmission and work the tranny’s lever by hand. Sometimes it goes into high, and sometimes not.
There are no wierd grinding sounds, odd clunks, or anything else. Maybe just a slightly non-positive click when shifting, as if the high gear is slightly blocked.
I decided to change the oil in there. The old oil wasn’t bad looking at all, so no big surprise that this didn’t miraculously cure my problem.
Any thoughts are appreciated here!
I’m HOPING for one of those easy solutions that don’t require completely disassembling my new toy😰.
I’m not pissed at polaris or the previous owner, and I’m not afraid to get my hands greasy.
It looks like the shift housing will not come off without pulling engine/transmission out as a unit. Does that sound right? Is that what I need to do?
Thanks in advance!!! -Dan

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