First, let me say, this isn’t a “bash SATV” post, although problems with their lift kit is what prompted my frame “upgrade”. As noted in my sig, I’m running the SATV +6 LT High Clearance kit. This was an upgrade from the original +6 LT kit that I ran for several years (without any issues). When I upgraded to the high clearance version, I discovered that my Walker Evans shocks were too short to work with this kit. So after discussions with SATV, I was told I needed the lift kit to work with those shocks. The lift kit worked, and I gained about 2″ over my previous setup.

The very first trip out, the rear bracket collapsed in the middle, crushing my muffler. I hit a wash out rut and it pulled out the “support bracket” bolts, and folded up like cardboard. SATV sent out a replacement, and I chalked it up to a freak thing. Well, last month ran up on another wash out….guess what happened. This time it folded the shock brackets forward. I’m certainly not going to claim I was driving like a little old lady on her way to church, but I wasn’t running balls to the wall either. It really wasn’t that big of a hit. Anyway, after a few choice words with SATV, they sent out another bracket.

This is what it looked like on the side of the trail

I’m not sure why the brackets keep folding up on this high clearance kit. Like I said, I never had any issues with the original kit. I have a couple of theories, but I’m just going to post that I think it’s probably because of the amount of leverage being placed on the bracket at the shock mount.

Anyway, here’s what a friend of mine came up with to reinforce the brackets. Basically, he just extended the frame out closer to the shocks. I feel pretty confident that if this bends/ brakes, then I’m going to have a lot bigger problems. lol

Painted up.

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