I have done all the testing and rebuilding that I can think of minus a new diff half with coil. Im not sure that’s even the problem but was hoping someone could chime in to help me. I have been researching this over the last week and nobody seems to have had a similar problem that I can find. This is on a 2008 800EFI RZR

I have tested the resistancce and it checks out OK at 23 ohms
I have replaced the sprague, rollers, and springs with a Niche setup
I have tried a new armature plate
-The old one is straight but had grooves
-The old one sticks to the magnet much better than the new one does
-I can’t turn the old armature by hand when engergized
I cut the plug off the diff to eliminate the possibility of a bad plug – same results
Magnet ridges are even as I checked with a straight edge

When i run 12v directly to the diff from a battery it turns with more resistance but doesn’t engage the outer hubs.

Is there anything else i can test before ponying up for a new differential side plate and magnet?

Thank you so much!

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