ok guys and gals I’m stumped. I have done the following to diagnose the problem
its a 2011 800 rzr4 RGE no mods! only 3000km. belt got wet going across a river and left me stranded but i did wench it out. it was running the whole time didn’t suck in water that i know of.
took the gas tank off and cleaned out any water and put in fresh gas changed spark plugs just cuz fuel pump has 42 psi during start up and even while its bogging down
took out fuel lines and injectors, injectors working fine
checked compression and its at 168 in both cylinders
took apart throttle body and cleaned it up
checked tps and iac with tester and numbers are within spec
it starts and idles fine idle is at 1250 isn and once i back it out with no resistance it will run fine but once i want to go back uphill into the garage at about 2000+ rpm it bogs out with no power won’t hardy move the bike brought to the dealer for the digital wrench and theres no codes

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