I wanted to do a short write up on fitting these in my car as it was not as straight forward as i was lead to believe

To start of my Rzr is a 2011 800 (60in) with no real modifications. The seats I am using are out of a 2018 1k4 and installed with longhorn seat lowering/reclining bases.

To start off I removed the rock seats from the car and assembled the new seat bases as described in the directions. Next I did a test fit in the car and found out that they would not fit because they where hitting the plastic motor cover. To fix this I had to cut a L shape out of the cover along the bask inside edge of where the seat base hit the cover. I had to do this on both passage and driver sides

After this the seat bases would fit and latch properly

Next I attached the seats to the bases, removed the motor cover and tested for fit. This is where I found the next issue. The passenger seat when attached to base and adjusted as far forward as it would go was resting on top of the clutch cover and was being held up by almost 1/2 of an inch
As you can see from the photo I would have had to cut almost the entire back off the seat to make it fit. What I decided to do was make aluminum spacers to fit the seat. I cut 1 inch aluminum stock to 11in long and drilled holes in them and placed them between the seat and the base easing the seat up 1/2in

Once this was done the seat was just hitting the corner of the clutch cover so I cut the seat back at a 22.5 angle in one inch and up 2inches

Next I had to take a heat gun and mold the engine cover where the inside of the seat came down to get proper clearances

I had to do all of the above to the drivers seat except the cut the back 1inch in and 4 inches tall to make it fit



In the end I really like the fit. The seats are almost touching the back bar and hey are really comfy and easy to take in and out

Side view

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