I am a long time user of ATV, Karts, and Motorcross, but with a 5 year old, I would like to have something a bit more enclosed to ride with her. I found this on the local CL, and I saw that a number of your are willing to give what advice you can from the pictures and information. Would any of you be able to give advice on this unit? I have spoken to the person selling and they are saying tit runs great other than u joints. I am a farmer, so I can do alot of repair work and have most tools other than specialized ones for RZR. I would appreciate any input you have.

It is about 2 hours away and I am going to run over and take a look at it.

Info: Trail model, custom rims, new 4500 pound super winch, all new front end parts, 2 inch lift, 6 ft moose snow blade, 3400 miles, 500 hrs, just needs u-joints put in, I have them, call or text

Pics here:

Thank you all

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