As mentioned, just looking for opinions and ballpark #’s!
After I had a minor accident, and before I make a claim, I’m just curious what kinda price they will tag it at. After further review, more damage than just steering rack and don’t want to be surprised with a low ball #!
Have a couple pics of it right before it went out, to come back broke! If I claim a part is of X company and I’m wrong, please correct me so I can get a better assessment! Thanks in advance, just want to get this back to business!

Bikeman adjustable clutch?, came with, has springs and weights
Holtz drop in sprague in front
Synthetic line superwinch
Doors? Tusk? PA? Came with
Radio with kicker pods, plastic and glass windshield, roof etc
Other than that, you can see the rest! Tires are brand new, not that it adds, but I’ll swap back to bald tires and crap wheels if I’m giving them away!
Again, Thanks for any help, pointers and a price it is worth. I know aftermarket don’t add, and what the book puts it at, just looking for what others who own a rzr see it as and it’s value, high or low!

08′ rzr 800 50″, 256hrs and 1900 miles!

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