I know you get a ton of these but just relax. I’m coming off my 7th shoulder surgery, just retired from my local sheriff after 15 years because of a blown shoulder

And for the guys who live in norcal/ice house/rubicon area Im looking for ridding groups.

Purchased from original owner. The clutching/motor are 100% Virginia. engine put money into the suspension,load,carrying and overall comfort and stability. He installed elka stage 4,full skids,14″ wheel upgrades.

I’ve narrowed down and I’m using a full dalton kit for clutching. I’m looking for an exhaust system to give it a little sound and fuel optimizer.

I’m going to continue reading and learning but I’m hopeful for some insight on must dos,should do.

I’ll be purchasing a winch black Friday along with any other items that improve it.

Like would a 1-2″ lift or high clearance arms take away from vast improvement the elkas made?

Any benefit to going to a 1-2″ wider arms? I’m running 27″ tires and I’d like case much clearance as possible regardless of the full body skids.

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