Hey guys I’m brand new to the whole rzr scene and forum and super excited for help and ideas! My first topic is to get some answers to some questions I have. I recently bought a 2008 rzr 800 with 75 hours and 1008 miles on it. Not a super huge fan of the graphics and color scheme on it. Recently found a guy kind of local willing to give me his 2013 plastics and grille for free, so I would only need to find a hood, My first question is, can I swap out my 2008 graphics for the 2013 and how hard would it be to change all plastics? Second questions is, are the headlights a different size and would I need to change that? Third is what years of hood would fit? I really like the meaner look of the new plastics and would love to change so any and all help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks everyone! Attachment 348049

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