So i am in the process of rebuilding a 2010 rzr 800 motor due to a loud ticking, and it looks like the cam is toast.

I have a 2011 service manual, but i am assuming it is the same cam as the 2010. in which case it states.

Exhaust lobe = 1.342″
Intake lobe = 1.357″

mine all measure 1.331 plus or minus half a thou. intake or exhaust, take your pick (seems very strange) all the journal OD’s are correct.
So i guess its time for a new cam/lifters. Does anyone have a 2010 manual to confirm the numbers match the 2011?

I see tons of aftermarket cams for them, but according to alba, the 800 motor doesnt respond well to performance cams, so i guess im going OEM. anyone have any experience with this?

edit: i found the 2010 manual. i guess theyre not the same. this calls for 1.334

i guess there is some slight wear. but i should be fine with reusing the cam if there is 0.003 wear. no? (it doesnt seem to show service limit for this)

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