Hello everyone

So, when I bought my 2008 I was told the steering had problems but it was okay, it came with a new rack.
Cool I thought, I love taking things apart and fixing them so shouldn’t be a problem.

I’ve jacked it up and removed the old steering rack. It’s at this point that I should have realised something was amiss as everything was loose or worse, not even there!!

Anyway, being a bit switched on for once, I thought I would check the 2 racks side by side.
The new one came with extension arms/rods which I thought was a bit different but huh!
So, when next to each other, the new one is longer, significantly!

My first guess is whoever bought it, ended up getting an 800S rack?
Are they 60″ wide as opposed to my 50″?

Anyway, back to my predicament, I need a new steering rack so I was after some advice from you guys.

There’s a NICHE unit on Amazon at what seems like a very reasonable price but is it any good?

Typically, I’m now stuck with my ride in my shop and unable to move it! Well I could move it but it will be awkward.

So have you guys got any thoughts, suggestions?

Many thanks,


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