Hey there 800 riders, I have a question to pose to those that may be looking for an affordable parking brake for your ride.

We currently offer a very in-expensive parking brake for the 1K models, and have a new version getting really close to completion that will be more of a universal unit, fitting on the 800, 900, 1K, Turbo, Ranger, 570, etc.

With the firewall on the 800 being very different than that of the 900, 1K or other models, I have a question for you all:

If there were a parking brake that mounted up in less than 5 minutes, and was about half the price of anybody else, but you may have to reach down and engage it with your hand, at the pedal location, how would most of you deal with that.

For all of the other models, it can be engaged by foot very easily, but the floor pan of the 800 is very differently shaped, leaving little room to engage it by foot. It’s still pretty easy, but you gotta bend over to reach it.
The reason I ask is to try and keep it very simple, affordable, and functional for all that we can.

Would like to hear some feedback if there are folks the cant reach the brake pedal area by hand, if so , will look at an alternate route to accommodate.

Thanks for any responses, looking to give everybody an affordable option for a much needed parking brake.

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