Ok so I did a compression test the other day since the last ride we went on ,it used some oil and didn’t idle as smooth. I had 110 on both cylinders. I going to rebuild the top end and have some questions. What brand of kit is the best? Should I go to 820 and if so will I see the difference in power and do I have to worry about cooling issue with a big bore kit compare to stock kit? I have access to machine shops so should I just get a piston kit with the gaskets and have the shop fit the pistons to my cylinders? I have had some experience porting and polishing cylinder heads on automotive engines,since I have the head off I assume that they too could use a little bit of help? Any information will be great! My car has a K&N filter DEF map programmer and plan on putting exhaust on it wi t h the rebuild, Thanks again, Michael
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