I recently purchased a 2011 rzr 800 from a local dealer. We played with it on short rides around the yard for a couple of days – started fine. After being on a trail ride for 2.5 hrs we stopped for a water break and it did not start, battery was totally drained, we had to jump it to get it going again. We rode into a nearby town and replaced battery with a gel battery. The next day we rode for 6 hrs and everything seemed fine. Got home, put a trickle charger on it, it took 2 days to charge up fully, which didn’t seem right to me.

I checked voltage at battery 13 volts when off. Started and checked voltage at idle, 13 to 12.7 volts. Revved engine, no change in voltage.

I took it back to dealer and told them that it wasn’t charging. After holding it for a few days they said that everything is fine and that not seeing a difference in voltage at the battery, machine on vs. machine off is normal.

Is this correct? If the original battery was junk, why would the machine start fine 20 times, then die after running for 2.5 hrs with the headlights on?

Something doesn’t feel right, and I know that if I take it back now, I will be SOL if they didn’t fix it.

This is all happening within 30 days of me buying it. Thank you for your help, and sorry for the long post.


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