What’s up guys. So far I’ve been pretty lucky with my 2010. Haven’t had any major issues. I went for an all day ride about 2 weeks ago, and parked it with no issues. Tried to pull it out today and couldn’t get it to fire up. First check was the air filter, it was a little dirty so I removed it and gave it another shot. Still nothing. After a half hour of trying, I finally got it to putt a little bit. Will putt for a few seconds then die out again. Tried adding a little bit of gas to my air filter, it putted a little bit longer but still died out after 15-20 seconds. This is why I’m leaning towards a fuel issue, but I’m not sure where to start. Since it ran perfectly, I’m assuming something failed. If it were a fuel filter or a clogged injector, I would think that I would have had some performance issues on my last ride. Can anybody point me in the right direction? Maybe some troubleshooting steps to save me some time? Thanks! And yes, there’s gas in it.

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