Hello all, I’m new to the forum, -my first post here and hope this post is going to the right place.

I have a 2011 standard -RZR 800 EPS- with Crusher wheels. I’m about to buy 5 new tires 4 + a spare for it and would –like- to buy Maxxis BH 26x12x12 tires for it (not the 2.0’s) if I can use the 12” width w/out problems –but that’s the question.

The machine currently has Duro Power Grip 26x11x12’s on the rear using 7/8” spacers. The rt. tire sits very close to the motor mount but it’s OK and I’ve had no problems. I know the Duro’s run small compared to Big Horns though so I’m not sure what kind of problem I would run into in going to 12” wide BH’s.

Does anyone out there use 26×12 BH on the standard 800 and if so, what did you end up doing to clear the motor mnt., wider spacers or?

I‘ve had standard BH’s on an ATV for close to 3000 miles and still have over half the tread left and would like to use them on the rzr as well, if possible in a 26×12.

The rears on the ATV are -25x10x12- and are mounted on steel wheels. I put one of them on the Rt. rear of the RZR to see how it fit/looked to try and get an idea of how a 26×12 might fit but the ATV tires are mounted on steel wheels so I really couldn’t tell because the steel wheel’s offset isn’t as deep as the Crushers. It looks like I could probably use the 12’s mounted on steel wheels and would sit out far enough to not be a problem but I’d as soon stay w/the crushers if I could, since I have already them.

I can easily modify the motor mnt. by removing the rear vert. supt. and welding in vert. brace back under the edge of the horiz. plate if that would do it, but I’m thinking I’d still need a thicker spacer than the 7/8″ that I have there now, if spacers would even do it?

Thanks much for any help/suggestions. DW

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