I”m a new guy with a 2011 RZR so this is probably old stuff.

This was a easy job from most any wrench turner.

One of the things I noticed when I bought it that the front A-Arms had some play that obviously was the bushings (maybe the sleeves).

I pulled the front plastic bumper cover off to allow some more work room. But could have skipped that.

3 of the A-Arm bolts came out easy… the Left lower was seized to the sleeve.

I had bought 2 replacement bolts (figuring I might have a problem), so cutting this one was no biggie.

The saw blade came close to the boot so I went slow.

I picked up a set of Super Dave bushings/sleeves to go with the 2 new bolts from Polaris.

I cleaned the inside of the A-Arms (brake clean and paper towels) and confirmed the grease fittings allowed grease to flow into the arm.

I cleaned the bolts I reused on the wire wheel and slathered all of the them with anti seize before putting them inside the new assembled sleeves.

Liberal amounts of water resistant grease on the inside & outside of the new bushings and on the outside of the sleeve made reassembly a breeze.

Now if I hadn’t discovered he brakes were pretty worn out and the multiple lug/lug studs were stripped/damaged, it would have been a 1-1/2 hour job for a Saturday.

I will order brakes/rotors and will replace in the fall, and the new ITP lug and Polaris wheel studs should be in by the weekend.

It;s taken 3 weekends to get this all done (I’m FT during the week with no evening time).

Ready for some trails!


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