I have a inquiry for anyone who can help.

Basically I got this 800 I’m storing in my garage for the winter, the owner was having problems locating his problem with it, so I took a look. He told me it idles rough, sometimes quits.
So I took at it in my spare time, as of right now I don’t know how but it’s pretty much a shell in my garage.

So to start. I started it up, ran fine until I touched the throttle. Idles rough and does not go into gear good, also chugs, I moved the throttle cable around and it goes back to reg idle, until you touch the pedal than same old.

I took off the tps, and by time I went to start it, the starter spun but didn’t crank, so off I went to tap the starter, no crank, next checked the solenoid, on cable was loose, took it off and cleaned both then put them back on(battery was not live).
Put the batt wires back on and turned the key, well now I have a bigger problem, not only does the starter not spin or crank but I have no power to the buggy at all. I’m going to dip into fuses tomorrow morning, but until then any suggestions?

Also I need to mention, when I turn the key to the on position, I can press the switch for the winch and it works, very low power and the headlights flicker. But no power to literally anything else.

Maybe ecm, May even be as simple as a relay fuse. But if anyone has had this problem or knows, please help. Would love to use the buggy this winter.

Thanks all.

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