I have been struggling to get my Rzr back on the road for a while now. The problems started when I purchased new front A Arms. I got the high ground clearance ones from super ATV. After installing them, I have tried to get front end aligned but no matter where it was set (toe’d in/out/straight) it just did not handle or drive correctly. Also the caster/camber has been adjusted several times. During this time, I noticed that the 4×4 was inop. The front tires were nearly impossible to turn while rotating forward but would turn free rotating backwards & the 4×4 worked in reverse. After receiving advice that my problems may be the spraigue carrier, I took the front diff off to find it in pieces. I purchased the $139 one from super ATV and installed it. Now it rolls free forward but when you put it in 4×4 the front end acts like it’s pulling down towards the ground. Also, it don’t turn well at all in 4×4.
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