Hi, I just installed a 5″ s-conversion from SATV on my 2014 50″ 800. I got the high clearance arms that are +1.5″ I put Bandit 800s shocks on at the same time. They are piggy back, duel rate spring set-ups. I have the rear set at 1.75″ preload and the rear is sitting really low. And the top spring is completely collapsed , so the shock is just working on the lower spring when riding around. If I jack up the rzr and let it down slowly , it will sit up like it should and have around 11 – 12″ of clearance. But, when you take a ride around the driveway to settle the suspension , It sits really low. It sits so low, the rear tires are tilting in alot ( alot of neg-camber ). If I add more preload, it just starts collapsing the main spring and makes it ride really stiff. It don’t ride that bad, but it has NO ground clearance. Maybe 8-9″ The spring rate is 280lb. I do carry a spare and 2gal gas can. But the oem polaris spring rates are only 200lbs and alot of people carry spares and they don’t seem to sag down like mine. Is this normal or does anyone have any advise?
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