Last year I broke my rear axles (stocks) well I went with 8ten axles Sold by fixmytoys ..I usually only do a lot of Mudding/trail riding with going over foot and half trees that have fallen.. Well last night my crew deiced to do the 7 cities and 7 bridges run ,Well we havnt been on this over 3 years do to the last time we went the floods wiped out the trails…. Well long story shorten we came to out tunnels and there is to videos !! well the old rzr Became a Rock crawler Last night !!! I swore I was going to break a axle! but dam did these held up to the punishment I gave them last night I would Buy these axles again for all my rides!!!!! check out the video I even hit a rock so hard I split it in half! Part one u can see how big the rocks was I had to climb!

part one…pss7mkecq8.mp4

part 2…psw4evjbed.mp4

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