Not sure if it just my luck of the draw or if they are putting out sub par parts for these machines. I have been having issues with the rear of the machine keeping the ride height. I had more height before this kit. So I waited till I got down to my nieces place in Alabama to see about fixing the issue, I figured after a little more reading I might be able to swap the rear for the front because who knows might have got them mixed up since the instructions were vague. Well get it all set up to come apart and I had the same rear shock that was replaced come apart and the front one on the same side. Pulled apart at the eyelet. They seem to come apart from adjustment and spun loose. I don’t know if I just got the crap kit or if this is common wi this company. The only part of the kit that is decent are the control arms. Hopefully that statement doesn’t come back to bite me either. I tried calling Super Atv but they are closed till Monday for the holiday. I think I will just have them send me the brackets to use my stock shocks till I can find a decently priced set of fox shocks.


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