Working on a buddy of mine’s 2008 RZR 800, and I’m getting different measurements depending on what ground I use when I set the TPS sensor voltage. I set the TPS up according to the manual, but when I install it in the machine and hook the plug up, the voltage is different. If I probe the connector the voltage is lower. If I take the negative probe from the connector and ground that to the battery, the voltage goes up. The voltage also changes if it’s running. To me this is not right, but I would like to find out for sure. I cleaned all the connectors and also cleaned all the frame ground connectors and made sure they were tight. I have a 5.01 volts on the input side of the TPS. The first picture is of the voltage probing the TPS connector.
The second picture is moving the probe from the connector to the ground on the battery. Would appreciate any help thanks.

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