Anyone ever use or hear of Utah Crankshafts cams for a 800 rzr? They have the stock S profile or one slightly larger, but the funny thing is when I called they said we don’t grind these in house. I asked what lift and duration they were and his answer was I don’t really know for sure. He said I’ve sold over a hundred of these with no returns. Didn’t know If anyone had any experience with them. They are a reputable company and the “high performance camshafts” for a 800 are 139.00. I’ve often wondered who really grinds them for polaris or the OEM camshafts. All the manufacturers seem to quit selling them except webcam for aftermarket and the OEM stuff. Hot cams used to sell them, weller still shows a stage 3, but when emailed they don’t even know the specs. Seems like everyone used to sell these camshafts but no one really knows the specs on them. Webcam gives that information but they are the only ones I’ve seen that does. I come from a background of high performance street cars and race cars. I have never once in my life ordered a camshaft with out knowing the exact specs on the cam. I have done a porting job on the cylinder head, just mildly, have a high flow intake, bigger throttle body, fuel controller, exhaust, wiseco pistons, hot rods crank etc. while I have the engine apart I was going to upgrade the camshaft, even though most say a stock 11up S cam 2203740 oem number is great. I built a motor a few years back with a 994 grind webcam and solid lifters, with adjustable pushrods and supporting mods. The little motor ran great in my opinion and much more powerful than stock. Solid lifters just have the added aggravation of occasionally checking valve lash. Any insight on the camshaft issues would be appreciated.

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