i just picked up my 2011 rzr yesterday! love it already! now begins the process of adding my lights and other goodies. here is my general plan:

12″ light bar on bumper… it is 72 watts so im bypassing the high beams and running the high beam wires direct to the light bar. oem is 70 watts, bar is 72, so it is a wash, no need for relay, etc.

reverse lights/cargo lights… 2x 18w cubes. mounting somewhere close to seatbelt mounts. possibly directly to them in existing holes, possibly in the general area… planning on running a wire down the b pillar to a relay, and the relay will be powered by a dash switch. if i get crafty in the future, ill use a pressure/mag switch for it to come on automatically.

dome light/12v port… im going to have an overhead bag, and i want to wire a switched 12v port for my bluetooth speaker and phone which will basically live up there. also a dome light will be ran off of the same thing. wire running down the b pillar, and tying into a relay which would be turned on by a + when key on source.

so my questions are… where is a good spot to put the relays and fuses? i feel like putting them down with the battery would be easy, but i see them getting destroyed very quickly as that area will probably be submerged occasionally. i havent dug around under the plastics yet to figure out where the oem fuses and relays are.

what is the best location for a key on + source? on my yamaha there was actually an inline plug you could put in so you didnt even have to splice into the harness.

im pretty anal about soldering and heat shrinking, so this is going to be a long process, but id love to get some input!


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