Hey guys, Im working on a 15 XC 900 that has the FOX shocks and both shocks are leaking fluid, looks like its from reservoir, but can be from anywhere.. Machine only has 480 miles. No warranties. Compression still seems OK BUT NO REBOUND. Hit a bump and you can hear rebound slap back into home position Lol! Leaking fluid is Redish?

I haven’t checked the rear ones yet.. probably should.

What should I do? Don’t do? Advice? Good kits, Bad kits? Ill be honest, ive never messed with these nitrogen shocks, but I am a master at MX front suspension lol. Mainly becuase I dont have nitrogen, but the manual labor of changing O-rings is pretty easy.

Also, I have no idea which version of shocks they are, if anyone knows i’d appreciate it, I assume I’d need to know when I order parts.

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