i have a 16′ 900 XC. roughly 1500miles on it. stock. no exhaust, no intake modifications.
this past weekend while running trails up in NH about an hour into my day the machine started to hesitate.
it didn’t seem to matter if i was running flat or powering up a hill but it would cut out.
felt like i was loosing a cylinder. it wouldn’t take throttle when it did this.
then it would back fire a few times and clear up and not happen again for several miles.
i stopped at one point after it seemed to be getting worse. felt to me like i was loosing spark to one cylinder, then it would ignite the unburnt fuel.
i pulled the plugs checked them and the wires and the coil. nothing seemed abnormal. put it all back and it was fine again for another hour or so until it began to act up again.
once again i pulled over checked the coil connections, nothing. no codes. no other symptoms.
continued to ride for a few more hours and then it completely shut off. wouldn’t restart at first and then fired up and i was able to make it all the way back to camp with no issues.
again i have no codes or engine light. the machine is stock. not that old. I’m not sure if i have a loose connection or a bad coil ?
has anyone else had any similar issues ?
any suggestions on what i should look at ?

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