I am having a bit of an issue confirming the offset on my 2017 RZR 900. I have searched these forums, along with any other forums that google could find. I have talked with a couple different people at RockyMountainATVMC about it, and any information they have does not line up with my own measurements.

A lot of places that I have looked say the offset of the wheels are 5+1 in the front and 7+1 in the back, including RockymountainATV. When I measure from hub to bead in front I get around 2 inches, and from hub to back bead i get around 4 inches, front and back.

According to the Polaris website front and back are the same part number – 1522230-655, RIM-FRT,12X6,CAST,26.2 OFST,FB | [AB][E87AK]. From this part description, i assume the 26.2 OFST part means (26.2/25.4) = 1.03 inch positive offset, which on a 6 inch wide wheel would put it at 4+2.

So in theory if i purchased a set of 5+2 wheels I should be able to maintain the stock width. I don’t think a set of 6+1 will be able to turn lock to lock without hitting the tie rod, as there is only about 1.5 inches from hitting stock.

Just want to know if my thinking is correct, or if I’m off somewhere.


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