My 2016 900 Trail has now left me stranded for the third time! Fan will cycle normally for the first 3-4 times….on at 204 off at 194. Will then completely overheat – limp mode – shut down and boil over. Here is the history…

When new experienced the well known polaris design flaw and jammed the fan with a rock stuck in the shroud – fan probably struggled to run until machine shut down. Removed rock, fan worked, installed Grizzztec rock guards and thought all was good. Since then I have had the intermittent overheating issues – usually after 30-60 minutes of hard riding.

Have replaced the circuit breaker, relay and bled the system. Thermostat and water pump appear to be operating fine. I did notice that when overheated the back of the fan (motor) was extremely hot – too hot to touch. Could the fan motor be bad maybe damaged front the original incident? Bad temp sensor? I suppose I could take it to the dealer but hard to replicate so they would probably just start throwing parts at it “if they could get it in this year”

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