Well since I put the 27″ tires on I have been wanting a bit more clearance. Having my shocks adjusted all the way up wasn’t cutting it any more. The ride was horrible so I ordered the RT Pro 2″ lift and spring package. $642 shipped. It was here in a few days. Springs look awesome and were very easy to install. The lift however was not! The front bracket went in fine but the spacers that are provided to go in the stock shock mount holes was about 1/8″ too long. I ground them down until they fit. I was a bit pissed but got the front done. Now for the rear! The rear lift brackets fit in the stock shock mounts but the factory shock mount hole didn’t line up. I had to elongate the holes in the brackets so I could put the bolts threw with the spacers that were provided. Well those spacers were also too long. I ground them down so they would fit. Now I got the brackets mocked up in the mounts to mark the holes to drill. I drilled the holes went to install the hardware and find the provided washers do not fit in the brackets. So off to the store for smaller washers. I finished the installation today and it looks good but for what I paid for this lift its not worth it in my opinion. Its almost like they manufactured these rear brackets with thicker steel but didn’t accommodate for it with the hole geometry or hardware. I don’t believe I should have had to modify any of the provided parts or hardware. If you buy this lift make sure you have a dremmel and a grinder handy! [/IMG] [IMG][/IMG][IMG][/IMG] [IMG][/IMG]
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