So I’m interested in making our rzr (in the future) a high performance machine. So far we have a ton of upgrades, lots of cosmetic ones not much for performance + increased hp, speed, and anything else that is possible. As well good to note I am in Canada so I would prefer parts able to be bought in Canada.

So far we have a:
Clutch Kit (Dalton Industries)
And that’s it for performance, tons of cosmetic upgrades though.

First on my list is:

1. Either a new ECU reflash (mtntech, or similar like how UTV Canada is getting an in-house one soon) or a Tuner (bullydog or similar)

2. Exhaust, I saw a post by SLP about their new exhaust that is close to stock for noise but still adds some performance. So I am thinking about going that route.

3. Heard of some air filters that will help with performance and that are a good price.

4. Bike man performance big bore kit (almost $5000 :(. Don’t think I’ll be buying this anytime becuase of price.

You guys/gals got any ideas for the best /top of the line performance products to buy?

As well I want the Elka stage 5 shocks but I will hopefully be getting a great price in the next few months.

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