So I finally had a chance to take the buggy out on the trails with the new wheels (14 7, 4/3 offset) and tires (29″ tusk warthogs approx 28.3″). Discovered that the fronts rub on full turns as well as when the suspension is completely compressed on big bumps. We are heading to WV for HMT riding Thursday, so no time for a lift kit to come in and be installed. So, my short-term solution is to put the stockers back on (thankfully they have not sold off CL yet).

Long-term solution is to install a hi lifter 2″ lift. My question is should I also buy spacers to offset the increased height? The new wheels put me out about 3″ additional in total. My first thought is going up 2″ with 3″ wider should keep the buggy from getting any more tippy. But, as long as I will have the wheels off to install the lift, it would make sense to install spacers then if needed.

Just looking for opinions, especially from those who have installed the lift on their trails. Thanks!

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