I have been reading through EVERY single thread on here about the 4+3 wheel discussion and how it can cause early wear to front end components and steering issues. The article that was written by Shock Therapy was referring to a 1000 model though. Nobody seems to have any information on what this “scrub area” is on a trail with 4+3 wheels and if it is so off that it will cause damage and issues?

*Here is my question: I want beadlock wheels and new tires on my stock 17 900 trail. Ideally, I would like to gain about 4-5 inches of width. Is there a way to do this without causing any damage to my RZR or affecting the ride too badly? The XC model seemed to come with 4+3 offset wheels so it can’t be that bad, right? Or is there another way to gain width without going all the way to the S conversion, because I need to stay under 58″.*

I have been looking at these two setups:

STI HD Beadlocks 12×7 (4+3 offset) and 26x9x12 Kenda Bearclaw HTR
Raceline Ryno Beadlocks 14×7 (5+2 offset) and 26x9x14 Kenda Bearclaw HTR

I’m sorry to bring up yet another offset thread but I am driving myself insane trying to figure this out by reading other posts.

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