Hi everyone.
I have some questions about my rzr I hope y’all can help with. Thank you in advance for your help.

I want a new slip on muffler for my rzr 900 to replace the stock unit. I want something with some pop and growl, I like loud but not overly loud because i will be riding in a group sometimes so straight pipes is a little to loud. I am looking at hmf swamp series and they sound good. I was wondering if there is a better muffler I can buy for around the same price or cheaper.
Also I have thought about building my own muffler set up and using some glass packs or something. I can weld and fabricate fine so it wouldn’t be hard for me. With that idea my question is if I do use like 2 glass packs and build my own slip on exhaust will I hurt the engine in anyway and has anyone tried this? Would that void my warranty? If so I can swap my stock muffler back on if I need to take it for engine related issues.

Thank you

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