This was one of the first mods I’ve made to the rzr but wanted to point out a few things I came across…

I got the 3.5 gal fuel tank, the dlx mount for the tank and the rzr steel plate mount. Im very happy with the end result, but getting there was frustrating. After reading how great the rotopax stuff was, I did not expect 2 of the dlx mount bolts to snap when tightening to the mount plate, glad that happened at the shop and not on the trail. I replaced those with grade 8’s. The bend in their rzr mount plate did not match the diameter of the roll bar on the rzr its meant to fit over. Most annoying, the clamp included to mount the plate to the roll bar was no where close to fitting around the pipe…. Come on roto, cant even measure the pipe diameter? Not to mention even tho there were “mounting” holes drilled in the plate, they didnt even come close to matching up to the dlx mount, so I had to drill my own.

All in all none of these (other than the cheap bolts) are catastrophic, but just wanted to point out that if your buying this stuff, be prepared that its not gonna bolt on like they make it seem.

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