Been reading the forum for about a year, taking advantage of learning from all of your incredible experience and knowledge. Finally pulled the trigger on a RZR 900 this week and joined the forum at last. I thought I had it all figured out as to how I was going to transport the RZR in the bed of my F-250 (I also pull a travel trailer so a trailer is not an option). I bought the DG bars (13″) and figured I would drive it into the box and half-close the tailgate, using the DG bars. Seemed like a great plan. But when I actually came to do it, the tailgate pin on the bottom of the tailgate slides right out of its socket just as I encounter the tires of the RZR. The RZR tires have to be pushed slightly forward by the tailgate to hook the bars, but as soon as the tailgate encounters that resistance from the tires it pops out of the socket! I am actually in despair over this after laying these plans so carefully for a year. Anyone else encountered this problem, and what have you found for a solution? Thank you, thank you, thank you for any and all counsel!

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