Hi Guys, first post here. My unit is a 2015 Trail EPS. I’ve done the SATV conversion plus PVCX/AA tune. My goal was to do a full “S” conversion.

All went well except the top end speed. I kept hitting the rev limiter on speed runs.

After studying the difference between the “Trail” & “S” clutch parts diagram, the only difference I could see was the SPACER, CLUTCH LIMITER item #20 on the parts list. The “S” doesn’t have them. So now mine are gone!

I had to remove both to stay off the rev limiter. Now, I,m happy. I don’t need the speed but I just want it. If memory serves, I went from top end of 62 GPS to 73. Anyway, having your clutch stop closing 1/8″ short of full is not good.

Buy the Clutch Kit if you want but maybe take out the limiters first. You may want to do both.

Cheers, Fred

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