Hello all, I’m here in Southern California, Northern Orange County area, and I’m looking for referrals for a good local shop to do a possible top end rebuild.
Rzr turns over fine, but won’t start. Removed air filter, and found dirt in the intake. Also oil level was very low, maybe 3/4 of a quart in engine. No oil leaks, no oil in air filter housing. Oil level was fine around Thanksgiving ,was running it after Christmas, and started to have problems. On the pre-filter side there was a little wetness on the end of the rubber hose that is in there, not sure where the other end goes to.
I’m going to do a compression test tomorrow to see what the numbers are, but I have a gut feeling it’s going to be low. Should I be seeing numbers in the 165-205 range when I do it?
Anyway, I was considering taking it to Corona Motorsports to have them take a look at it, and do repairs, but wanted to know if anyone can refer a respectable shop in my area?
Thanks for any suggestions, or help!

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