Ive been lurking in the shadows since I bought a 170 for our boys last spring. Now I’ve recently purchased a 2015 RZR 900S with an engine noise. It starts easily and idles fine sounds like a noise in the top end. Upon initial inspection before purchasing it I thought it may have a bad timing chain tensioner. So I rolled the dice and purchased it. I ordered the updated auto tensioner from Alba Racing. While waiting for it to come in, I verified correct camshaft timing, verified within tollerance valve clearances, didnt see any abnormal wear on the cam lobes. I decided to check the oil pressure so I installed a 0-100psi gauge and got 0 psi with it idling. So I installed a 0-30psi gauge for a finer scale. Zero pressure. I only let it run probably 10 seconds each time. Will not be doing that anymore. I’ve been searching on the innerweb to see if there was a relief that can be checked but looks like it may not be accessible without tearing into the engine which appears to be different from the 800’s. I’m planning on pulling the motor for further disassembly and inspection of the oil pump and probably the bottom end. I wanted to see if anyone knew of anything else I might try before I get deep into doing that or if I may be wrong on the relief location. Thank you in advance.

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