Okay guys I need help with my 2016 rzr 900s. Here’s the details. I was riding and parked the bike cranked back up and it had a ticking noise . Took it to multiple shops and was told it was a timing chain noise . I ordered the alba racing tensioner to see if it would fix the noise . It didn’t. Kept reading and reading and finally pulled the motor and rebuilt the bottoms end with new chains, bearings and seals. Put the bike back together and cranked it up and still having the same issue. The ticking is coming from the cylinder jug up. It makes the ticking noise at all times . When you rev the motor it gets faster and so forth. When It winds down . Has any one else had this issue ? Or have a solution ? Any help would be great ! Also what would cause the valves to be out of adjustment ? What can wear down for them to come out of adjustment?

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