Went riding this weekend and half way through notice what appeared to be an intake duct had come unseated at the clamp. It doesn’t appear to be the one going to the throttle body. It is a larger diameter duct coming what appears to be out of the air filter box on the driver’s side, then travels up and over the engine.

I’m not sure how long it had been off. I had to pinch it to get it around a framing member to get the clamp seated again. I had to turn the set screw on the clamp about 20 rotations so I’m not sure it was ever seated properly since purchasing it 8 months ago.

The filter got extremely dirty in only a couple rides so I’m hoping it is on the intake side of the filter.

Any identification of this duct would be greatly appreciated, I can’t get to my razor at the moment and am concerned I have big problems looming. If someone has a diagram of the intake system other than what is on the Polaris website, that could help me identify it.


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