2017 RZR 900 Black Pearl.
New to me, only 90 hrs on the machine.
Will run for couple hours, but when I slow down or when unit ‘heat soaks’ for a short while after shutdown, it stalls out. Sometime starts and idles for a bit, but then stalls. When started, any attempt to rev the engine will stall it. Wait 5 min, it will start, potentially go another 1/2 mile then stall again. Seems impossible to fault-find cause it will run for hour(s) without fault.
Been towed home last two outings.
Was in Shop for a week. They tested all the obvious…wiring, fuel pump, compression, plugs…no joy. Tech even rode it home and for the weekend but couldn’t duplicate problem.

I can duplicate the problem by running the unit up to 204 degrees (before fan cuts in), then shutting down to ‘heat-soak’ the engine and ancillaries. Do that two or three times and bingo..it starts to stall.

Friend suggested problem might be the coil but the shop said ‘no’, when coils fail they totally fail. Shop didn’t want to start throwing money at parts when it couldn’t diagnose fault. They returned the unit to me with apologies.

Never had this kind of problem with my previous two Can Ams!

Any ideas? HELP!

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