I decided to do a pre-autumn service on my 2016 900 Trail machine and got a big surprise when I dumped the trans lube. It was a strange blue/green. I cannot explain this color other than to think that somehow coolant is getting into the gearbox. Is that even possible? Following is a pic of some of the gear oil that I dribbled onto a white plastic 5-gal bucket lid.

I have searched the web to see if anybody else has had this happen but it seems like it’s not a common thang. This whole episode is new so I have yet to try and determine if I am losing coolant.
About the only strange thing that this machine has been through is that we had a single overheating incident earlier this summer. (Head and/or gasket damage?) There is no evidence of coolant in the motor oil.

Any insight into what is going on here would be appreciated.

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