Hi, new to forum, I’m 49 and I’m a small engine mechanic and I have a dilemma with a 2012 rzr900 engine that I’m changing the crankcase(used), the problem I have are with the main bearing, once the bolts are torqued down the crank won’t turn over by hand I need to use a ratchet to be able to turn the crank, once I get it going its easier to spin but once I stop its hard to start again its way too stiff! The code on the crank are GGGGGG and case are 222211 so I ordered all green bearing for the main and a white and a blue for the balancer. Rods weren’t removed. Measured the crank journal and they are in spec. I’ve checked for crankcase warpage with a straight edge and it seems fine. Anyone knows what are the specs for the color-coded main bearing?


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